Exploration of the Solar System

Week of

Aug 21 NO LABS

Aug 28аIntroduction to Active Learning: Exploring the Size of the Universe

Sept 4 аNo Labs all week

Sept 11аMeasuring the Night Sky

Sept 18аExploring the Night Sky

аSept 25аThe Moon

Oct 2 No Labs (Exam 1)

Oct 9аIntroduction to Telescopes а

Oct 16 аIntroduction to Observing with VAO

Oct 23аImage Analysis

Oct 30 Near Earth Asteroids

Nov 6 аNo Labs (Exam 2)

Nov 13 Tracking Solar System Objects (Parts 1-2)

Nov 20 No Labs, Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27 Tracking Solar System Objects (Part 3)

Dec 4 Exoplanet Discovery

Dec 11 No Labs, Finals Week

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ай 2017 University of Iowa