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Lab Schedule

Aug 21/22 а No Labs

Aug 28/29 а Coordinate Systems, Angles, and Magnitudes

Sept 4/5 а а аNo Lab Monday, Optional Lab Tuesday

Sept 11/12 а Spectroscopy

Sept 18/19 ааMass of the Earth and Error Analysisа

Sept 25/26 а Telescopes and Filters

Oct 2/3 а а а аImage Analysis, Angular Size, and Error Analysis

Oct 9/10 а а аProject I: Prep and Observations : Asteroids

Oct 16/17 а аProject I: Data Analysis

Oct 23/24 а аProject I: Error Analysis and Presentation Prep

Oct 30/31 а аPresentations, Prep for Project II

Nov 6/7 а а а Project II: Observations and Data Analysis

Nov 13/14 а Project II: Data Analysis and Error Analysis

Nov 20/21 а No Lab (Thanksgiving Break)

Nov 27/28 а Project II: First Draft Due, Peer Review

Dec 4/5 а а а Project II: Presentations

Dec 9: а а а а Final Paper Due At the Beginning of Lecture

Dec 11/12: аNo Lab (Finals Week)

ай 2017 University of Iowa