Pre-Lab Quiz:аTelescope Trivia


Discuss each question with your team. Be prepared to explain the reasoning behind your team's answers after the quiz.

1. When was the telescope invented?
а а а - the 1950s
а а а -аthe early 17th century
а а а -аroughly the same time the pyramids were built
а а а -а1492

2. Which of these did Galileo NOT discover?
а а а -аFour of Jupiter's Moons
а а а -аSunspots
а а а -аCraters on the Moon
а а а -аPluto

3. What is the main reason for putting telescopes in space?
а а а -аIt gets them above the atmosphere.
а а а -аIt's cheaper than building them on the ground.
а а а -аNASA needs something to do.
а а а -аThere's really no good reason at all.

4. What is the largest single telescope on or in orbit around Earth?
а а а -аThe Hubble Space Telescope
а а а -а
The FAST radio telescope in Chinaа
а а а -аThe Large Binocular Telescope
а а а -аThe Arecibo radiotelescope in Puerto Ricoа

ай 2017 University of Iowa