Coordinate Systems, Angles, and Magnitudes


In this lab, you will learn about the celestial sphere, coordinate systems for the sky, angles on the sky, and magnitudes of stars.а

  • For a review of the celestial sphere, visit the Celestial Sphere page below. It also includes information on the Horizontal System.
  • For navigating the night sky,аvisit the tutorial on how to useаStellariumаor theаstar wheels.
  • For a review of magnitudes, see the Magnitudes page below.а


Terminology:а Equatorial Coordinate System, Ecliptic, Right Ascension, Declination, Finder Chart

Tutorials: аUsing Tablet Applications, Lunar Phases Quiz, Lunar Phases Simulation, Lunar Eclipses, Lunar Viewing Angleapparent magnitudecolor index

ай 2017 University of Iowa