Pre-Lab Quiz:аSun Survey


Discuss each question with your team. Be prepared to explain the reasoning behind your team's answers after the quiz.

1. The Sun's magnetic field

  • is much weaker than Earth's
  • is what holds Earth in its orbit
  • is wrapped and twisted by the Sun's rotation
  • is the source of the Sun's energy

2. Sunspots are

  • scorched areas of the Sun's surface.
  • regions that have darkened due to ash from burning hydrogen
  • extremely hot zones on the Sun's surface.
  • slightly cooler zones with strong magnetic fields.

3. Decreasing the temperature of a hot object will cause the light coming from it to become

  • Fainter and more red
  • Fainter and more blue
  • Brighter and more red
  • Brighter and more blue

4. The safe way to view the sun is

  • By looking at its image projected on a screen
  • through one eye at a time
  • using sunglasses
  • during a solar eclipse

ай 2017 University of Iowa