Part 3: Period of an Eclipsing Binary

In this section, your team will use multiple images of an eclipsing binary star system to construct a lightcurve, from which you will determine the orbital period of the binary.

•аMaxIm DL has a tool for constructing a lightcurve from multiple images. Its use is explained in the tutorial Photometry in Maxim.

•аThere are several ways you could determine the period once you have constructed your lightcurve. The simplest is to estimate the time difference between the primary minima "by eye". Can you devise a more accurate method?

•аWhen you have your period estimate, you should see if there have been similar measurements for this system and how well your value agrees with those. In order to do this, you will need to estimate or calculate the uncertainty in your value somehow. If you have made a new or better measurement of the period using your own original data, you should definitely know how precise your measurement is so that you can report it!

eclipsing binary light curves

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