MathCAD is a versatile, powerful mathematical calculation software program that is ideal for physics and astronomy calculations and visualization. The current version is called MathCAD Prime 3.0 but I prefer MathCAD 15, which is installed on the Departmental computers in rooms 201 and 707. Unfortunately, worksheets created in one version are not easily converted to the other, so it’s important to use the same version. I will be posting MathCAD worksheets in using version 15. Student licenses are $100 and [allegedly] include both versions. Since we are using a free online textbook, I consider this cost  a reasonable expenditure, but if you wish, you can use the Departmental computers. 

MathCAD worksheets 

These are in MathCAD's (v. 15)  .xmcd format. Right-click, choose Save as. You may need to remove a .xml extension that some browsers insist on adding.

MathCAD tutorial and examples (calculus, solve blocks, 2-d, 3-d plotting)

Antenna power patterns

Electromagnetic units in MathCAD

Free-free (Bremstrahlung) emission notes

Synchrotron emission notes - Crab nebula example

Python Libraries

Numpy  array manipulation, some math functions (random numbers, linear algebra, FFT)

Scipy  Scientific tools, very powerful

Matplotlib  2-D, 3-D plotting package for Python

Pyephem (angles, dates, coordinate conversions, SIMBAD object lookup)

astro2 library demo (coordinate conversions, precession,