Robert Mutel


Ph.D., Astrophysics, University of Colorado 1975

Contact Information

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Iowa, 706 Van Allen Hall

Phone: 319-335-1950, FAX: 319-335-1753

Email: robert-mutel [at]

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Biographical Information

I was born in St. Albans, NY, and attended Cornell University (A.B. Physics, 1968). I spent a year studying auroral and magnetospheric physics in Antarctica, followed by graduate studies in astrophysics at the University of Colorado (Ph.D. 1975).  I joined the faculty at the University of Iowa in 1975. I have also been a visiting scientist at Bureau des Longitudes, Paris (1984,1985), Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University (1984,1985), National Radio Astronomy Observatory (1998; 2007), and ETH, Zurich (2007 - 2009). When not doing astronomy, I like to ride bicycles - see my personal web page for details.

Research Interests

My research centers on studying radio plasma astrophysical processes in a variety of settings, from planetary and stellar magnetospheres to active galactic nuclei. For planetary studies, I use radio instruments (designed and built at the University of Iowa) on the Cluster and Cassini spacecraft, and for high-angular resolution stellar and for extragalactic studies I use the Very Long Baseline Array, and its global extension, the High Sensitivity Array. I also have been searching for Cerenkov radio bursts caused by ultra-high energy neutrinos impacting the lunar regolith using the Very Large Array

Current Research Projects

My current research program includes three somewhat disparate topics 

- Studies of non-thermal radio emission from planetary magnetospheres, especially cyclotron maser instability (CMI) induced radiation.

- High-angular resolution studies of late-type (cool) active stars, and 

- Studies of thermal and non-thermal radio emission from young stellar objects

Recent Publications

Lynch, C.; Mutel, R. L.; Güdel, M.; Ray, T.; Skinner, S. L.; Schneider, P. C.; Gayley, K. G. 2013, Very Large Array Observations of DG Tau's Radio Jet: A Highly Collimated Thermal Outflow, Ap. J. 766,53L

Jaeger, T. R.; Osten, R. A.; Lazio, T. J.; Kassim, N.; Mutel, R. L. 2011, 325 MHz Very Large Array Observations of Ultracool Dwarfs TVLM 513-46546 and 2MASS J0036+1821104, A.J. 142,189J.

Mutel, R. et al. 2011, RX and Z Mode Growth Rates and Propagation at Cavity Boundaries, Proc.  7th Intl Workshop  Plan., Solar and Heliospheric Radio Emissions (PRE VII), 241-252.

Menietti, D., Mutel, R., Christopher, I., Hutchinson, K., Sigwarth, J. 2011, Simultaneous radio and optical observations of auroral structures: Implications for AKR beaming, JGR, 116,A12,CiteID A12219.

Peterson, W., Mutel, R., Lestrade, J-F., Guedel, M., and Goss, W. 2011, Radio Astrometry of the Triple Systems Algol ad UX Arietis, Astrophysical J., 737, 2, id 104.

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Mutel, R. L. et al., 2010, CMI Growth Rates for Saturnian Kilometric Radiation,   Geophys. Res. Letters, 37, Issue 19, CiteID L19105.

Lamy, L. , et al. 2010, Properties of Saturn kilometric radiation measured within its source region, Geophys. Res. Lett. 37,2,Issue 12, CiteID L12104.

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Mutel, R. L., Christopher, I. W., & Pickett, J. S. 2008, Geophysical Research Letters Cluster multispacecraft determination of AKR angular beaming

Mutel, R. L., Peterson, W. M., Jaeger, T. R., & Scudder, J. D. 2007, Journal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics) Dependence of cyclotron maser instability growth rates on electron velocity distributions and perturbation by solitary waves

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