This form submits requests to the Iowa robotic telescope located in southern Arizona. If you are a student in an astronomy lab at the University of Iowa, you may make a request using your University of Iowa email address.  If you submit this form more than once per day, your previous request will be overwritten.

If you're not sure what the name of the object you want is, check out the catalogs. The form requires that the source name appear exactly as it does in our catalogs. You may find it helpful to use the online Rise/Set Time Calculator to determine the visibility of your desired object during your observing time:

Hovering over any of the fields in the form below will reveal a popup hint explaining the requirements for that field. Rows for additional sources can be added using the link at the foot of the form. The checkboxes at the left of each row select the row for deletion when the "Delete Checked Row(s)" link is activated. Only rows in which an object name is entered will be submitted for observation.

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