Neglected Northern Hemisphere Binary Star Systems withUpdated Separations and Position Angles

We observed 58 widely-separated (> 3") northern hemisphere neglected binary star systems listed in the Washington Double Star catalog.  Our goal was to obtain current separations and position angles of binaries that had not been observed in years or decades, and compare them with historical data.  For each system, we fit Gaussian models to each component to determine the celestial coordinates and the corresponding position angles and angular separations of the binary.  We combined these data with proper motions for each component from the recently-published UCAC5 catalog to determine the likelihood that each system was a true binary. We found that 29 candidate binaries were likely bona fide binaries,  while 17 systems had large proper motion differences between components and were therefore deemed unlikely to be binaries. The remaining 12 systems had no proper motion listed. 

Gulick and Mutel 2017 (submitted to Journal of Double Star Research, Sept 2017).

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