Seminar Schedule

Astrophysics Seminar meets in room 358 VAN on Tuesdays from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm. 

The format is either Astrophysics Journal club or a research presentation.  Journal club papers for the current week are listed  at VoxCharta (select University of Iowa). Everyone is encouraged to briefly review the selected papers before seminar. Moderators are expected to provide cookies.

Date Speaker/Moderator Title
Sep 06 Mr. Matt Brorby Astrophysics Journal Club
Sep 13 Mr. Daniel DeRocca Astrophysics Journal Club
Sep 20 Mr. Daniel McGinnis Astrophysics Journal Club
Sep 27 Dr. Jennifer Wiseman (NASA/GSFC) Pushing the Frontiers: The Hubble Space Telescope
Oct 04 Mr. Evan Abbhul First determination of CME speeds on an active star
Oct 11 Ms. Allison Costa Astrophysics Journal Club
Oct 18 Ms. Stephanie Howard Astrophysics Journal Club
Oct 25 K.D. (Kip) Kuntz, Johns Hopkins University A Deep Chandra View of M51
Nov 01 Mr. Patrick Wilcox VERITAS Observations of Supernova Remnants
Nov 08 No seminar
Nov 15 Prof. John Cannon, Macalester College Reverse Engineering Galaxies: The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample
Nov 29 - No seminar
Dec 06 TBD TBD


A Deep Chandra View of M51 (K. D. Kuntz, Johns Hopkins University)

Chandra has made deep studies of four nearby galaxies; M101, M33, M83, and, most recently, M51. In each case the study is relatively uniform out to the D25 radius. Given the failing soft response, it is unlikely that comparable studies of other galaxies will be made with Chandra. I will review the recent point-source population study of M51 where I argue that the concept of universal luminosity functions needs to be reconsidered. I will then use our data from M101, M83 and M51 to address what I think we are beginning to learn about the diffuse X-ray emission from normal late-type spiral galaxies.

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