Camera is a legacy FITS image display and and analysis program written by Elwood Downey in 1999. Despite its advanced age, it remains a venerable, user-friendly tool for FITS image display and analysis. To use, type camera myfile.fts. This page will briefly summarize a few of it many features. A much more complete description of camera’s features can be found in the OCAAS manual, located at /usr/local/talon/ocaas.pdf.

Version: 3.51

Known bugs: The crop tool does not work with most mice. 

1. Tools

- Constrast, histogram: adjust image contrast, histogram, and color. 

- Magnifying glass: click on a part of the mage and retrieve its statistics, including a Gaussian fit to any star within the glass region.

- Photometry: Perform differnetial photometry by right-clicking on a reference star, enter magnitude, then right-click on any other star.

- FITS header: show FITS header keywrods/values, add comments (save after adding)

2. Options

 - Magnifying glass tool: allows  the user to fit 2-dim Gaussian to objects, reports FWHM in along x,y and position (if WCS available).

- Label field stars: Label stars with apparent magnitudes from either GSC or USNO catalogs (image much have had prior WCS solution).

- Mark header: Mark the target position found in the FITS header

- Compute WCS: use either the GSC or USNO catalogs for solve for the astrometric plate constants using the world coordinate system (wcs) algorithm.

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