The program mk-mosaic-schedule creates an observing file for a single field, consisting of an array of NxM separate images with a specified overlap. The resulting  images can be stitched together using Maxim. 

Usage: Generates .sch observing file for mosaicing imaging wide fields

Program mk-mosaic-schedule


  --version          show program's version number and exit

  -h, --help         show this help message and exit

  -N Field name      Field name

  -c Coords          J2000 coords of field center:  hh:mm:ss, dd:mm:ss

  -l Overlap         Overlap (arcmin)

  -F Field of view   Camera FOV (arcmin, arcmin)

  -m mosaic grid     Mosaic gridsize, default 3,3

  -f Filters         Filters e.g. b,g,h

  -d Duration        Durations e.g. 10,20,60

  -r Repeat          Repeat count

  -O Observer code   Observer code name e.g. gaa

  -o Observer name   Observer name

  -u Start at a specified UT time

Example of usage:

DEIMOS:~> mk-mosaic-schedule -N 'Rosette' -c 06:33:00,05:00:00 -l 2 -F 27.5,27.5 -m 4,4 -f g,r,h -d 60,60,180 -r 3 -O frm -o 'Robert Mutel'


Mosaic of Rosette

3 filters, 6 minutes per filter sequence

Repeat each filter sequence 3 times

4 by 4 fields, 16 fields total

144 images, Total observing time 4.4 hours

Output schedule file: frm020.sch


© Robert Mutel 2018