plot-photom plots light curves from the output file of program photom. The x-axis can be either JD or phase (using given JD0 , P). It will optionally solve for time of minimum (option -t) and show phase in the interval 0.0 - 2.0 (replicates the data from phase 0 -1, to highlight periodic nature of light curve).

Version: 1.4 (22 Feb 2017)

Known bugs/issues: Minimum finder (option -t) not tested

Usage: plot-photom [options] myfile.photout

Usage: plot-photom [options]


  --version        show program's version number and exit

  -h, --help       show this help message and exit

  -c               Show check star [default False]

  -d               Show double phase (0.0-2.0) [default False]

  -P period        Period (days)

  -p               Plot phase [default off]

  -j jdmin, jdmax  JD range e.g. 2456722.73,2456724.56 [default all]

  -J JD0           Reference Julian date, phase =0

  -t               Solve for time of minimum [default False]

  -S subtitle      Plot subtitle [default none]

  -T title         Plot title [default none]

  -v               Verbose output [default False]

  -y ymin,ymax     y axis min, max [default -1,1]

  -m magnitude     Reference magnitude [default 0.0]

1. Example usage: Create two plots: differential magnitude vs JD and phase (option -p, using specified JD0, P [-J, -P]  to calculate phase). Also, include check star light curve (option -c). For phase plot, use phase range 0.0 ->2.0 (option -d), .

plot-photom v765_oph.photout -pc -T 'V765 Ophiuchi' -J 2436778.430 -P 0.37987

96 points read, computing plot...

HJD-magnitude plot file = v765_oph_lc_jd.png

Phase-magnitude plot file = v765_oph_lc_phase.png

Wrote ASCII output file v765_oph_hjd.dat

Wrote ASCII output file v765_oph_phase.dat

v765 oph lc phase

2. Example 2 usage: Create light curve of supernova SN2017atv. Produces two plots, one with differential magnitudes, including checkstar (-c option) and calibrated magnitude using specified magnitude [-m option] of the reference star (TYV 2861-1270), which has g = 12.45 The options -S and -T allow the use to specify text for subtitle and title respectively.

 N.B. use program BV2gr to determine Sloan g, r magnitudes from B, V magnitudes. 

plot-photom -c -y 0.3,-0.3 -m 12.45 -T 'SN2017atv, Sloan g filter' -S 'Ref star: TYC 2861-1270 (g =12.45)’ 2017atv.photout



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