Usage: sexphot2 [options]

Program sexphot2 plots 2-color (Sloan g,r) absolute photometric magnitudes and color index g-r using sextractor. It requires that the FITS images contain zero-point magnitude. (keyword ZMAG) which can be inserted by running calc-mag. 


  --version      show program's version number and exit

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit

  -s sigma       Sextractor detection threshold [default 5]

  -c config      phot config file name [no default]

  -d outfile     Output csv file name

  -f fwhm_range  FWHM max (pixels)   [default 1.4,5]

  -l             Plot median line

  -p             Plot solution

  -J jdrange     JD range (JDmin, JDmax)

  -v             Verbose output

  -y ywidth      Differential plot width [mags, default 2 mag]

Example oconfig file:

R ./R/*.fts

G ./G/*.fts

T Supernova 2017bgu

S 2017bgu   16:55:59.51 +42:33:36.2

S Checkstar 16:56:04.50 +42:33:20.2

S Refstar   16:55:25.21 +42:31:00.

Example command line: sexphot2 -c SN2017bgu.config -p

Example output:

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