Special Topics in Astrophysics 29:235  -  Fall 2012

Extragalactic Astronomy

Instructor:  Prof. Philip Kaaret
Office: 702 Van Allen Hall
Phone: 335-1985
E-mail: philip-kaaret [at] uiowa.edu
Web: http://astro.physics.uiowa.edu/~kaaret
Office hours:  see class web site

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy
DEO: Prof. Mary Hall Reno
Office: 203 Van Allen Hall
Phone: 335-1686

Special Topics in Astrophysics is a graduate level course and this semester will cover extragalactic astronomy.  The topics to be covered will include normal and active galaxies, large scale structure, the early universe, and cosmology.  The course will assume an undergraduate preparation in physics, but no prior training in astronomy.  The course will include a research project component.

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