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Week 1: What is science, and models of motion Jun 15 - 18 (a look at the scientific method and how it gave us models of the solar system)
Quiz 1

Week 2: Relativity and Gravity, Jun 22 - 25 (recent modifications to our understanding of motion and gravity at high speeds)
Quiz 2

Week 3: Stars as Suns, Jun 29 - July 2 (basic information about stars and what role they play in the evolving universe)
Quiz 3

Week 4: Drama in Space, July 6 - 9 (endpoints of stars and the creation of black holes and white dwarfs, and supernovae)
Quiz 4

Week 5: History of the Universe, July 13 - 16 (the story of the Big Bang and galactic evolution)
Quiz 5

Week 6: Exotic and Unknown Matter, July 20 - 23 (the inferred need for dark matter and dark energy)
Quiz 6

Week 7: Prospects for Life Elsewhere July 27 - 30 (prospects for life, and intelligent life)
Quiz 7

Week 8: Final Review and Final Exam Aug 3 - 6 (catching up on anything that fell through the cracks)

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Here are the answers to the final exam Form A and Form B.